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Author Topic: My Babaji Dreams  (Read 2174 times)


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My Babaji Dreams
« on: May 13, 2015, 07:48:34 AM »
My Babaji Dreams
Shared by Patricia

Before I had the nerve to go to Haidakhan, I read Autobiography of a Yogi. Then I read a modern book about Babaji. I had a dream about him that very night.
I was watching him from a distance as he sat on a roof, teaching a devotee, who would walk on the roof, then back on the ground, then back on the roof (high path/low path). It was dark out and I was peeking through some trees. Suddenly, he zoomed into my face like a close-up camera lens and laughed, "I see you!!" in a sing song voice. I woke up instantly and felt afraid. Then a thought came immediately, "God is nothing to be afraid of." I fell back asleep right away.
After this, I had many dreams (13 or so?) that caused me to go to India. Here are a few, edited way down, that are helping me and may help others. Use any or none as you see fit.
Also, after I returned from India in 1994 I had only a few very vague dreams and then none ever again. I felt abandoned but now realize that it was to make me focus on the teachings, not the teacher. This may help others who had this experience happen too.
1. In a dream I was standing in a room with Babaji while we watched a girl walking around and around in a circle with her head down, sad and distressed. I said, "Look up! Let him help you."
She looked up, and Babaji had tied a rope around her waist/solar plexus area and began pulling so hard he rose up in mid-air, still tugging on the rope, pulling the pain out.
This woman was me and all women who suffer. "Look up! Let him help you."
2. I dreamed I was at the ashram in India, where I had never been. He was fresh from a bath, walking down the 108 steps with two other devotees as I was walking up. I thought to myself, "Please notice me". When I reached them, he linked arms with me and proceeded to walk up the steps with me. Suddenly, a crazy woman came running by pulling up all the flowers by the roots and clutching them for herself.
He looked at me and said "See?"
The message was: don't be greedy, beautiful things are for all of us to share, when we try to grab for ourselves the flowers die.
3. I was riding in a beautiful, ornate carriage and Babaji was my driver. He was dressed in red jeweled clothes and a turban. He was giving me lessons. When he dropped me off he told me when we would have our next lesson. I said the most ridiculous thing, "I can't. I have plans with so and so." As I said this, he disappeared into thin air. I called out, "I'm sorry. Come back. I want to see you. I want to SEE!" and I woke up.
If I don't make him a priority, he disappears from my view. And my ability to see the truth disappears too.
4. During the day I asked Babaji if he could come see me in a dream in female form because I had no reference of female divinity and was frustrated about the male image being the only master form I'd ever been shown.
Soon after, I dreamed I was outside an ashram having a mild argument with an unknown male. I said, "Well, if we both love Babaji then we have common ground so let's stop this."
We entered a temple together and waited on line to see Babaji. When I reached the front, it was Babaji as a beautiful young woman in a red/burgundy flowing gown with dark black hair. I looked at her and asked, "Who are you?" Her black eyes glowed into mine and she embraced me. It was Babaji.
With love and ONS, Patricia


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