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From DB
« on: May 13, 2015, 07:58:41 AM »
From DB

OM SRI SAI RAM, hello there! I am so happy after I checked the whole page of Babaji.

It is a real blessings for so many truth seekers all over the world. I want to share a very personal and alive testimonial about the power of radiance of our beloved Babaji it occurred about six  - you may odd-years ago, when I was jogging in the park when suddenly I felt a great desire to look to my left side so I looked but there were nothing to see, and I kept on jogging as usual, so the command started again to look I realized something peculiar was around to happen I stopped running and obeyed the drive immediately I got Babaji's presence, it is hard to express but my eyes did not see anything nor any body but my inner senses did! I don't know how I did but my sensorium was in presence of Babaji then I realized He doesn't need a "visible" body to senses but to the heart.

I remember I felt the radiance of His Love & protection; The same has happened as soon I was in the web page. Thank you again for this spiritual service,I got Babaji Grace when I received Kriya yoga initiation through Yogananda's teaching and let me tell you He is my Amerista param guru lineage. You may send me "news" about the page and/or all of you. Thank you for your time, I had to write this because it belongs to all of you also.


Yours Truly DB
Dr Rafael A Betances


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