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From Roger Hamstra
« on: May 13, 2015, 08:20:06 AM »
From Roger Hamstra

When we were talking on the phone I mentioned that I'd written to Babaji back in the fall of 1983 asking for permission to visit ( he wrote back at the beginning of November of '83, telling me to come any time - but one of my dogs got very sick and I had to spend my trip money on her - and Babaji left his body in February of 1984 and I never got to see him?). What prompted me to write him was this: back in about 1979 I was in bed, asleep, when I suddenly awoke, feeling as though there was someone in the room with me - my first thought was that someone had broken into the house and had made it into my bedroom.

My reaction was to lay very still, not moving, until I could get a bead on what was happening. So I lay there, on my chest, my eyes barely open, and I had this feeling that someone was passing his/her hands all over my body, just above my body, making passes with his or her hands up and down the length of my body. I could see and feel the energy moving in my body. After some time this stopped and I sat up in bed.

In the room with me was this bright golden white "figure" - I use the term loosely - surrounded by a golden white aura. It wasn't someone I recognized, but I had the very distinct impression that the figure was waiting long enough for me to definitely focus on it - for me to make sure I was fully awake and not dreaming - and I had the distinct impression that even though I didn't recognize the figure, at least by name, that I'd know who it was shortly. When I'd absorbed all that, the figure vanished.

The next day I went down to the local food coop to do some shopping. They had a small book section that I always checked out when I shopped there. The weekend before I'd seen this small, black-covered book with this sort of intense person on the cover - it wasn't someone I recognized and for the most part it looked to me like another one of those Indian saint books recounting stories, etc. so I didn't pay much more attention to it. So, when I went into the book section this next time here was this same small black book facing outward on the shelf so that the cover was in plain view, with this intense person looking out at me and I knew immediately that he and the being in my room the previous night were one and the same and they turned out to be Babaji.

I don't think it was until the spring or summer of 1983 that I knew that Babaji taken a body again, and when I found out I was very anxious to see him "in the flesh", but as things worked out I never got there. I know that he would have told me it was more important to help my dog than to see him in some kind of body, and that I can always find him, but still ... So that's my Babaji story - well, one of them anyway. :)

Roger Hamstra


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