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Shared by Marge DeVivo, November 13, 1998

In spring of 1982, after longing to go to India to visit Babaji for the three years I had known of Him being there, Leonard Orr's "Physical Immortality" book appeared in a B. Dalton Bookstore in Lincoln, Nebraska, with Babaji's painting on the cover. This seems to have been quite a miraculous event just to even have it in that bookstore!

Having been acquainted with Babaji's paintings through a metaphysical teacher who had shown us many of these in his class, this book seemed to just jump off the shelf and come to my home of its own volition.

The chapters in the book about Babaji were astonishing! What I remember most is Leonard saying, "Babaji is there waiting for you. Why don't you go and visit Him? Here's His address." Now even though I had ALMOST gone there in 1980 with a group, I never had Babaji's address before. The message in 1980 was "don't come now; buy land." That is the land on which this Center is built. We were lead to the exact spot in June 1980 and purchased it on 8/8/80. That's a separate story.

Back to 1982, as I sat reading the book in my kitchen (same one as today) , I suddenly had an experience of a "light being" appearing to me right there at the kitchen table, saying "It's time to get to India..." This was very real and moving. I took out pen and paper and immediately wrote a letter to Babaji to ask permission to visit. Since I was teaching elementary school at that time, I said we'd be free to come between June 4 and August 15. I mailed the letter to Haidakhan.

The following weekend, even before the letter got to Haidakhan, we were driving to Chicago for a Metaphysical Conference Weekend. On the way, my driving partner fell asleep and I was at the wheel. Suddenly, it started to rain. The rain became heavier and heavier until I could just barely see the road. I wondered whether to stop for awhile and let the storm pass and then follow it, or to keep cruising and try to get ahead of it. My partner was sleeping so soundly I didn't even try to wake him. I had a small picture of Babaji on the sun visor above me that seemed to help me drive better. I looked at it and said, "What to do?" and it answered immediately, inside me somewhere "You get through this, you don't have to go through the monsoon!!"

This seemed odd, but it was said with such assurance I believed it. Then I thought, "Oh my God! This must mean we really ARE going to India soon. Here's a little test for me."

So I drove and drove and held the car on the road through wind and rain and very poor visibility, passing up the storm and staying ahead of it all the way to Chicago. It was very intense! At that time, I was not aware of when the monsoon season was in India, and I really didn't want to think about it.

The last day of the school year was June 4, and I had just cleaned up the classroom and headed home to the mailbox. There, in the mail, was a letter from Haidakhan. Written by an American "secretary," it said that Babaji had said, "Yes, you should come. Come in June."

That's another long story, so I'll cut to the chase on this one aspect about the monsoon. We landed in India on June 23, got to Babaji on June 26 and we flew home from India on July 12. All that time, there was no monsoon. When we arrived, we heard lots of speculation about why the monsoon was late this year, so I shared my story with Radhe Shyam and Sita Ram, two Americans who were living there. Radhe Shyam was gathering stories for his book, "I Am Harmony," and he really got tickled by my story. From then on, we were introduced as "the reason for the late monsoon this year."

We found out later that the monsoon never really started until about 2 weeks after we left India!!!

Om Namah Shivaya

Babaji is often known as "Controller of the Cosmos," and in this case, He sure had something to do with the weather!!
Marge DeVivo


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