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Rose Quartz Necklace
« on: May 14, 2015, 07:55:14 AM »
Rose Quartz Necklace
Shared by Marge DeVivo - written October 6, 1998

I was in Haidakhan with Babaji in 1982. We arrived on June 26. During one of the karma yoga (work) sessions, EVERYONE in the ashram was needed on the construction line. The wall had to be finished before the monsoon started. We lined up and passed a metal disk full of dirt from one person to the next all the way up a hill and then up a ladder to pour into a very high wall full of rocks.

There were men, women, and children of all ages, nationalities, sizes, and levels of strength situated along this line. The man who filled the pan struck me as an obnoxious person, and he handed them to me. He and I had an instant dislike for one another. I turned and passed the disk on to a very tiny Indian woman, who would groan and wince when she got it. I asked the man to fill it less full, and he just laughed at me and kept filling them more and more. I decided he was not very nice, so I would take the very full pan, dump some dirt off, and then pass it to this lady. This really teed him off, as could be expected. We kept up this little game for quite some time, with Babaji right there watching everyone in the line every minute, giving instructions here and there. He didn't say anything to either of us at that time.

Suddenly, Babaji called all the women off the line and told them to sit down and have a cold drink, which He had prepared for all of us. This was a relief. I walked over to the wall and Babaji came right over to me and talked to me just inches away from my face while He pinched my right bicep with alot of force. I had studied acupressure and He had such a strong grip on my upper arm I could hardly breathe!! (I later found out this pressure point is to release any congestion in the lungs. I had had lung problems all my life.) At the same time He was looking into my eyes and asking me questions. I could barely answer, with the pressure on my arm and looking into His eyes was always like looking into outer space - just the VOID!). He ended the conversation with "... Oh, you go rest; go now!" This was said very quietly, very slowly, and with great compassion, as if He felt like I was really exhausted. I started to wonder if I was. Later that evening at Arati, I saw that the same obnoxious guy was there, but

I didn't notice I was directly behind him in the darshan line (the line of people who go up to the seat where Babaji is and pay their respects). I was so self-absorbed about all the happenings of the day and where I was and Who I was with that I just kept moving forward in the line, very happy to be here with Shri MahaPrabhuji and not noticing this guy in front of me.

When I got to Babaji and gave my pranam, as I lifted my head He slipped a necklace of rose quartz over my head and gave me some prasad. I was stunned to receive this beautiful necklace, and couldn't get over how it just landed on my neck so easily and smoothly without my even knowing He had it. Later, others told me that the necklace had been placed on Babaji's neck by "my mortal enemy," the man who filled the dirt pans. Babaji had taken it off his own neck as I bowed down and put it on my neck as I rose. After that, this man and I would see each other in the ashram and always smile and I would show him my necklace. He was a jeweler and had made this necklace for Babaji. Rose quartz is the stone that heals the hurts in the heart, and it would appear that this man and I had past-life karma to settle. In this very subtle, perfect way, Babaji healed the whole situation and the two of us.

This is only one tiny example of what people call "Babaji Theater." It seems He would manipulate the universe into these little scenarios that brought out the best in everyone. There are hundreds of these stories that are shared among those who were in Babaji's physical presence. I hope to share some more of them with you soon.

Om Namah Shivaya
Marge Devivo


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