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From Elizabeth
« on: May 14, 2015, 08:07:56 AM »
From Elizabeth

You asked for stories, here is my small one.

After nearly a baker's dozen years of fully awakened "kundalini" by accident, crippling, life-threatening, devastating, obliterating, I visited a devotee of Muktananda upstate to see about an adjustment to my permanent state of meditation-type consciousness. This was in order to be able to sleep, and be awake during the day, not halfway to either.

He suggested I chant "OM NAMAH SHIVAYA", and gave me his CD, which was in the same zone as my state I wanted to alter ! So I decided to search the internet for another version more to my liking, and I found Babaji, not knowing who he was. On the photos page, I opened one picture so it was larger, and suddenly became inspired to dance.

Immediately I stood up, and began to chant and dance in a circle with ecstasy, and could not stop for an hour, I was so enraptured ! What a great soul, I thought, right on the same wavelength!

Since that day, that moment, between the dance and my helpful Muktananda fan who pointed me to Babaji, I have slept wonderfully ! All day I am alert, and able to read books again after many years of not being able to focus. Naturally that is important for an Architect, especially one with her own practice and in New York City too!

That's all, there is more, but I hope you enjoy good news !

Thanks again,


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