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Author Topic: From Maria - Thanks to Babaji for Help  (Read 6269 times)


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From Maria - Thanks to Babaji for Help
« on: May 14, 2015, 09:02:37 AM »
From Maria - Thanks to Babaji for Help

Hi Marge,
Lately I have been strongly drawn to revisit  all things Babaji  and I found your website and Yahoo list.  I read your wonderful experiences with him in person and I would like to share a couple of my experiences for your site, though not in the flesh, but kind of etherically.
I used to go to meditation classes back in the late 80s. I used to achieve extremely deep states of trance in them. In one of them, I was in very deep. To my right, I saw a beautiful looking man standing next to me. He had brown skin, brown eyes, and long brown hair. He was wearing a white one shouldered sarong like outfit. He was speaking to me. He was telling me to tell people something. When he finished talking, I couldn't remember what he said. I asked him to repeat it again. Instead, he laid what appeared to be a blanket in a multi-colored chevron pattern on my lap. Then, he vanished. I realized that I was seeing the room and everyone in it through my closed eyelids. I also could still see the blanket (which I could feel on my lap). I wondered how long it would stay there. After a few minutes it faded out with my enhanced vision. Not too many years later, I found a picture that looked exactly like the man in my meditation. It was of Babaji. You know, the one written of in "Autobiography of a Yogi".
Around the same time frame, I was getting rebirthing sessions. In the middle of one session, I started to experience what is called tetany (paralysis due to energy trying to clear blocks in the body) in my legs and feet. I was having a difficult and painful time of trying to get the blocked energy to move. Then, when it seemed hopeless, I felt hands massaging the soles of my feet. I asked my rebirther if she was at my feet. I heard her voice coming from my side saying "no". I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful and ethereal apparition. It was Hadiakan Baba. He was in his 18-year-old guise. He was wearing a shimmering yellow and orange one sleeve sari which reminded me of the colors of a goldfish. He also was translucent. I could see the rest of the room through him. He had a hand on each of my feet and was massaging the soles. He would move my feet and as he did that, my feet would move even though I was not able to move them myself. When he was finished, he took his hands off of my feet and bowed at them as if in deep prayer or meditation. The tetany then released and I could feel the energy flow out of my legs and feet. All the while this was happening, I was reporting this to my rebirther. He sat at my feet for several minutes then faded away. Thank you Babaji for your help when I needed it!
I had no conscious desire to meet him since I barely knew who he was at the time, yet I did. I guess I might have some connection to him since he showed up and I read that it can take quite a bit of effort on his part. I don't consider myself to be anyone special even. I'm not even that great with my practice and can be quite undisciplined. But, now, I feel the urge to get back to a better way of spiritual practice as I think on these things.
Thanks for letting me share.


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