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Author Topic: Interview 1st Session - Part 6 of the interview by Dio Urmilla Neff, Summer 1978  (Read 2653 times)

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Interview 1st Session - Part 6 of the Interview with Babaji, Summer 1978 By Dio Urmilla Neff (printed in the Yoga Journal, 1980)

Q: What is your message to Americans?

Babaji: The same as to all mankind. To follow the principles of truth, simplicity and love.

Q: Does "truth" mean more than speaking truthfully?

Babaji: Truth has many meanings.

(Babaji then called over his chief priest, Shastriji, to answer the question. Shastriji gave a long recitation in Hindi, translated roughly as follows: "God has placed 'satya,' truth, above all. The Vedas and other ancient scriptures describe God as the embodiment of eternal truth. And truth creates success, for one who speaks the truth and lives according to truthful principles is successful in whatever he does. This is because truth evokes will-power. A person in a struggle, for example, who lives and speaks the truth, will automatically have the will-power to win that struggle. Therefore truth, with its attendant will-power and success, is the first principle of Babaji's formula.)

Q: Does "simplicity" mean living close to the earth with few possessions?

Babaji: It means to be devoid of self-possession and egotism.

Q: Does "love" mean to love other people and to love God?

Babaji: To love other people is to love God.

Q: What does Om Namah Shivaya mean?

Babaji: It has a very deep meaning.

(He again called Shastriji over, who said: "It is a 'mahamantra,' great mantra, a shortened and more powerful version of the mantra central to all four Vedas. It is called a beej mantra, a 'seed' mantra. The smaller and more concentrated an object, the more powerful it is. A seed contains within it all necessary power to create a mighty forest tree, and so, by comparison, it is much more powerful than the tree. So it is with 'Om Namaha Shivai' it is the beej, seed, of the longer version, and thus is a very, very potent mantra."


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