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Author Topic: Interview Continues - Part 8 of the interview by Dio Urmilla Neff, Summer 1978  (Read 2437 times)

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Interview Continues - Part 8 of the Interview with Babaji, Summer 1978 By Dio Urmilla Neff (printed in the Yoga Journal, 1980)

Q: I have heard that the Book of Bhrighu people had a reading that Shiva has materialized in three places now: Shiva and Shakti in Sai Baba, Shiva alone in a sadhu, and the dancing Shiva of destruction in you. Is that true?

Babaji: You have heard what you have heard. Believe what you know in your heart.

Q: It seems such a contradiction that the aspect of God who has come to destroy radiates so much love and kindness. Is this destruction basically a loving act to the earth?

Babaji: Many people in this world are very treacherous. It is in the best interest of the world to remove these treacherous people. A certain amount of destruction is necessary. It is in the best interest of mankind and the world at large.

Q: Do you have devotees in America from previous births that you want to find?

Babaji: Yes.

Q: When someone feels a yearning to see you, a yearning to be with you, does that mean possibly he or she is an old devotee of yours?

Babaji: Yes.

Q: Do you want to bless them and protect them and get to them before the destruction comes?

Babaji: Yes. They will be protected.

[Speaking of the Mahamantra, 'Om Namah Shivaya']

"It is also symbolic," Shastriji continued. "Both in its sound and in the way it's written. 'Om' contains the sounds and symbols of the three aspects of God: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, and also the Mother Goddess, and the Absolute Principle which underlies all of existence. 'Namah Shivaya' symbolizes the five principles that make up all of creation: air, earth, fire, water, and prana, or 'breath.' 'Om Namah Shivaya' was the very first sound spoken by God, and out of that first sound, or Word, all of creation unfolded."

Q: In Autobiography of a Yogi it says if you say your name with reverence, you will get a blessing from you, Babaji. Do you hear this?

Babaji: Absolutely.

Q: Many of the Western devotees I've talked to have read that part and said your name, and then ended up here at your ashram. Is that partly the reason they come here? Does saying your name like that draw them to you?

Babaji: Absolutely. It is because of the power.

Q: Do you have a special message for the devotees of Yogananda or the practitioners of Kriya Yoga in America?

Babaji: No message. All are doing Kriya. All who are here are doing Kriya.

Q: What is Kriya now?

Babaji: Ab nam jap. (Translated roughly, this means, 'Mental repetition of the name of God' or '. . . of any name of God.')

Q: I have heard you've said everything about you in Autobiography of a Yogi is true, except the part about your sister, that you have no sister. Is that a true thing I heard?

Babaji: It is worthless. Only ten percent is truth and ninety percent is falsehood.

Q: I should write that?, I asked the translator. "You have to," he said. Babaji nodded.


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