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Author Topic: 14 March 1980  (Read 3193 times)


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14 March 1980
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14 March 1980
Initiation in Karma Yoga by Sri Babaji

"Tomorrow we must go for work very early; as early as possible. Before nine, you must fill the water tank here for the kitchen; and before nine we must meet at the Cave site for work. We must show some of our wonders - wonderful work.

"Because you have come from such a far distance, you must show some of your skills.

"This work is not only for this purpose. This work will go with you wherever you go, even after you leave the body and go to the other world, this work will go with you. You will be benefitted by it. Whatever kind of garden you will make here, and whatever seeds you will sow here, you will get there, also.

"This is spiritual work, not material. This is neither my work nor yours; this is the work of the whole universe - nay, the whole cosmos.

"Do you understand?

"It is best that you spend as much time as you can for this; this will be good for you in the future. The more time and the more energy you use here will prove to be more beneficial to you. Your health will also improve by this; your digestion will be good and you will sleep well, also. Your mind will be purified.

"Many yogis are doing so many kinds of yoga. Hatha yoga to purify the mind; that you will get by doing this work. You need not do any other kind of yoga. This is the highest yoga.

"Are all of you understanding Baba's words ? How do you like all these words?

"There is no difficulty. So many other people will come. From all parts of the world, people are coming here. Don't worry that you are working alone. Don't worry about anything.

"See the ant. How small is the ant, yet how big a load she carries. You should not be dejected or disheartened. If we want; we can blow the whole of this mountain if we all want; if we have Will. Don't lose your hearts in this small Work. When you lose your heart, when you lose courage - this is death. Don't lose courage. You can move the mountain.

"Yoga is to be courageous. To get dejected or to lose courage is not yoga. You must understand what Bhole Baba says. We have to be prepared for anything, at any time. We must train ourselves for every kind of work.

"Do you understand?

"When the new kingdom will come, then you will get many facilities. All the taxes will be abolished, and travelling charges will be free. All of you will get passes to come here, there will be no charges. And roaming about will be stopped totally; you cannot go here and there; you must strictly come here only."


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