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Author Topic: 9 January 1984  (Read 2257 times)


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9 January 1984
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9 January 1984

"It is my request that the Health Department (of Herakhan) should look after all the people here, so no one loses his good health. Considering the health of all the people, the Health Minister should take strong measures for their health. Everyone must accept this rule and go to the hospital when they are sick; and the doctors must also go and check and visit people.

"You must all advance by taking good care of your health. The fact is, only by taking good care of your health can you gain success. The fact is, if your health is not good, how can you do your service? Taking care of your health is as important as any of the other duties of your life. It is your duty toward your body. If your body does not work, how will you function and advance?"


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