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The Teachings are preserved from talks that were either transcribed during the time the talk was given or recorded and transcribed at a later time. 

In addition to the you will find a section here which includes many quotes by Shri Babaji on a variety of subjects - usually themes that He revisited regularly during these talks and were also incorporated in His messages. 

This publication is a work of Love by Karma Yogis and Yoginis participating in the intention of spreading awareness of Shri Babaji and His teachings throughout the world - this is in response to the many instances that Babaji Himself had repeated in His communications which you will encounter when reading the teachings.

Babaji insists that we concentrate more on the message than the messenger. As fascinating and charismatic as the personality and physical body are to all of us, what Babaji requests of each of us is to be inspired to live on the higher path and let go of our differences, the selfish attitude of "my" and "mine," so that we could live in harmony, helping each other to reach our highest potential.

You are urged to share this information with any and all persons you are able to. This website is affiliated to - Babaji's Online Ashram. The ultimate goal of our website is to create a spiritual community in support of The Teachings and to give guidelines in how to put these principles into action in the way that Shri Babaji has taught us.

There are also trainings in performing many of the practices learned at Herakhan - Jhara Healing, Fire Ceremony, Pujari Training and others. Please visit - the online store that helps to finance our many activities and projects sharing awareness of Shri Babaji and His Teachings for more information and register for a class. 

In order to keep you informed regarding community activities you may sign up for our newsletter and receive reminders of when to participate in our international Healing and Peace Meditation which takes place every full and new moon. You will also receive our newsletters which are packed with much information.

We wish you Babaji's Darshan and Blessings.

Om Namaha Shivay


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