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Author Topic: 18 April 1980  (Read 3141 times)


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18 April 1980
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18 April 1980
Shri Babaji laid down some new rules regarding the  Ashram:

"All people are prohibited from distributing food, clothes or money to the villagers. This creates an atmosphere of expectation and when it is not met, then the people return to steal things from the Ashram. Many things have been stolen. Anybody who wishes to give anything away, should turn them over to Gora Devi so that she can give them to Babaji who will see that the proper thing is done.

"Everybody should make an effort to learn the customs and practices of the Ashram. Babaji had said many times that all who come to the Ashram must take responsibility for it's care."

Shri Babaji said that one day He will build a summer water palace on the site of the Sati Kund tree.

Shri Babaji said He was planning to build a 108 room guest house for spiritual seekers and meditation. The site would be determined at a later date.

"Pinda Kacha, Sabda Sacha - The body is perishable, the word is eternal" - Babaji

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