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14 September 1981
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14 September 1981

Babaji opened the general meeting by saying that anyone who was having any trouble or problems could speak. There followed a number of questions which Babaji answered:

Q: How can I still my mind?
A (Babaji): Do japa standing in water. The name of God should be repeated two and a half million times, sometimes standing in the water, as deep as you like, and other times sitting on your asan next to the water. Do this daily and then leave it when finished.

Q: At some times I feel happy but at other times I feel sad. What can I do to feel happy and keep my heart open?
A (Babaji): You must do japa more regularly.

Q: Sometimes I think I should do meditation but I don't feel like it, and at other times, when I try to meditate and japa, I cannot concentrate. What can I do ?
A (Babaji): You should get up at 12 in the night, take a bath, and then do japa for about an hour.

Q: When will the dream given to me by my Guru manifest?
[Note: This question was put to Babaji by an Indian devotee who had been given a very wonderful dream. by his Guru the contents of which he couldn't reveal, some ten years earlier.]
A (Babaji): In six months and nine days.

Q:  How can I know that I am doing God's will when I am away from Babaji ?
A (Babaji): You should eat only fruit and milk for nine months.

Q: How can I put together my love, for my girlfriend and my love for God
A (Babaji):  You can first concentrate on the love for the girlfriend and when you are satisfied, then come to God.

Q: What is the quickest way to realize God ?
A (Babaji): Japa.

Q: Is is better to repeat Om Namaha Shivaya by chanting slowly or by doing it fast ?
A (Babaji): Do it quickly.

Q: Should one have children during these times ?
A (Babaji): Having children is a law of nature; what will happen will happen, you cannot stop it.

Q: Is it a good thing or a bad thing to be afraid ?
A (Babaji): It is a good thing. To become fearless, you should repeat the name of Babaji all of the time.

In summary, Babaji said: "It is the duty of everybody who comes to Babaji to spread and repeat that name of God and to spread His message of Truth, Simplicity and Love. Those who return to their homes should go on tour and tell people that the way to save mankind is by following the teachings of Shri Babaji."

Babaji used the term "Kranti", which may be interpreted as "revolution" or "destruction". He said that a Maha Kranti (great revolution) was fast approaching and would be known as the Blood and Fire Kranti. When asked if everybody would be killed in this Kranti, Babaji compared this destruction with that of the Mahabharata (the great battle fought in Lord Krishna's time), when all the great warriors were killed.

"Those who remember Om Namaha Shivaya and Babaji are protected and saved."
Babaji was asked how others could be helped during this period. He said that this could be done by spreading the word of His presence and teachings and putting these notices in newspapers published throughout the world. Babaji said that it is your, foremost duty to tell the world of His message.

Babaji was asked if the world would be a better place after this Kranti and He said this was a subject for the next General Meeting in December. He then said that everybody was invited to Herakhan for Christmas.


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