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Author Topic: December 22, 1998 - just beginning to pull the ideas together for the website  (Read 4610 times)

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December 22, 1998 - just beginning to pull the ideas together for the website

From Babaji:

"..Be alert. Attach to maya and attract the unreal, the dark, the negative, the unfulfilled, the wretched mass of seething destruction. Attach to maya and live in Lies, Complexity and Hate. This is the beginning of the great fire. The mass of humanity is living in the opposite of my message.

"So, now, if you are in a situation, a relationship, and this event is unfolding in lies, complexity and hate you must abandon it immediately. Even if only one factor of lies, or one factor of complexity or one factor of hate arises, you must flee immediately. My message of Truth, Simplicity and Love is a beacon of hope, of light, of the real. To live in the opposite, is I am afraid, consuming this world. And this is why the great fire will purify, cleanse, and renew this dark age of kali yuga. You must be prepared to jump into the fire in order to reach the other side or there will be destruction.

"Be alert to truth and seek it out. Be alert to simplicity and seek it out. Be alert to love and seek it out. Attract these things and Shiva Nataraj will dance the ring of fire purifying you without destruction. Time is compressing. Read my message. Study the teachings until you are attached to the real. Care not what others think. Offer the teachings. Many will come but few will understand the real. They will be consumed in maya thinking they are happy, only to discover the emptiness and destruction of the unreal. Go, go, go ... now, now, now ... work on the website, study the teachings, attach to the real, chant the mahamantra, serve others.

"Be alert to the ring of fire. It is coming. We shall try to let it purify without destruction. We shall alert all sentient humans with a beacon of light emanating from Babaji's website. We will join together in a great global community of Truth, Simplicity and Love.



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