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Author Topic: April, 1999 - Marge Asks Babaji About Preparations  (Read 5812 times)

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April, 1999 - Marge Asks Babaji About Preparations
« on: April 29, 2015, 10:40:32 AM »
April, 1999 - Marge Asks Babaji About Preparations

I asked Babaji about preparations for natural disasters - what we should have on hand, how we could best serve in this regard. 

Babaji Responds:

"Preparing for disaster is good. But there is one disaster that few prepare for and that is a disastrous life of emptiness, running here and there, trying to acquire more wealth, more possessions, more power, more knowledge, only to find, in the end, a life of one disaster after another. You see? What good is it to survive a physical or manmade disaster when one's life is not full and attached to the higher self? Listen carefully. Living in Truth, Simplicity and Love, being in service to others, living on the higher path ... this is all one needs to survive any kind of disaster. Now all this concentration upon disaster is nothing new. You see, when humans are consumed with the end of the world, this is merely symbolic of their true fear. Their fear of death. Understand? The body will become no-thing. No matter what we do or how we shall prepare, the final disaster can not be overcome. Understand this and you will understand most of human thought, emotion, and activity.



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