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June 5, 2000
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June 5, 2000

Dear Friends,

As I struggled through my ups and downs, and shared with Babaji what was going on for me, this is one of the things He said about emotions:

January 18, 1999:

"Observe the flow of emotions. Up and down. There is constant movement, change. Don't attach to the emotions of the moment. Attach to the real behind the movement. Observe the movement, watch the emotion disappear. A new one takes its place. This is maya. That which is temporary, changes frequently, is maya. Don't attach to maya. This is all temporary. The body, emotions, relationships, wealth, power, knowledge ... always changing, temporary. Understand?

"This body I am in is temporary. It too has emotions constantly changing. I observe the movement of thought from its creation to its destruction.

"Now listen carefully. The movement of thought is time. Learn to observe thought and time becomes what it is. Maya. Created by thought, divided by thought. When the higher self observes, there is no movement, no time. There is the eternal now where the ground of being exists. The place of no-thing. This is where I, who am no-body, come out of. Do what your heart advises and all will be well.



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