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25 December 1981
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25 December 1981

Shastriji Speaking for Babaji:

Since the creation of the earth, God has always come to see and protect His garden of the universe. So He appears from time to time to weed out the tares and guide the devotees and all good people in the proper line.

At the present moment, God Himself has manifested in this universe to see the garden of humankind. The Vedas and the Upanishads repeatedly have said that this Lord Shiva is the only God; He is the Creator, Destroyer and Protector of the universe. This has been brought to the notice of everyone since the incarnation of God in Human form.

First of all, I am going to tell you that the future prophesied for India has been fulfilled. India has now become self-sufficient in respect of food grains. Apart from that, Babaji has started many social works - free distribution of food and clothing, free dispensaries and servicing schools and temples. He is guiding devotees in the proper way to realize oneness with God while He is protecting them. He has told about the coming disaster and destruction and how to save one's self from these times which are fast approaching.

Before the appearance of God in human form as Babaji, everyone knew that India was starving. The Indian Government was asking, even begging, for food from every country and food was being imported. Since his appearance, Babaji has performed 147 yagnas (sacred fire ceremonies and rituals) in many provinces of India and this has blessed the country and the world.

Among the different forms of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh which have appeared, Babaji in the human form now is here with us. It is our great fortune to see God in human form and enjoy everything that he gives to us. He teaches us Truth, Simplicity and Love and how we should behave with each other; how to love and how to share food and all things among us.

Whenever God is incarnated in human form, we see that the question of caste and creed does not arise. Everybody knows that gurus and saints have started their own religions and thus create separate lines of thought and separate sects. There has been no unity among these groups; everybody has been jealous of each other. Now Bhagwan has unified all religions. This accommodates every caste and faith, just like one family. All religions are incorporated in this principle of Truth, Simplicity and Love. People of all faiths and creeds are coming to His Lotus feet. From every corner of the world people are coming here to live and work as one family. This is the final proof of what he has started.

This is the real acknowledgement of God; whenever He comes, He unites all religions of the world into one religion. That is, He had made the Herakhan Samaj to accommodate Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus, etc., in one family. We see that the realities of God exist in Shri Babaji.

This day is a most important and auspicious one, as we are celebrating Christmas here in a universal way. In the history of mankind this is the first time that Christ's birthday has been celebrated in such a way.

Now we have gathered here in a very important place. (This speech was given on ground dug out of a steep hillside to make a place for nine small temples, a big garden, barns and houses, and a large open space on which a tent had been erected for the Christmas celebrations.) Once there were only heavy rocks and many wild bushes; the place was not fit for living; not even wild birds could live here. Now what has been constructed here is the product of people from all corners of the world. They have worked hard; they have shed their blood here; all this is the fruit of their hard labour. They have made this place comfortable, and this is due to the blessing of Babaji. Through His blessings they have been able to make this place comfortable quickly and yet simple.

Babaji has always remained here and the work has been done in His presence, despite hot sun, rain, and cold wind. So you want such a God Who Himself takes part in work with the labourers and Who sometimes has worked as a labourer Himself and shown the laboureres how to dig, cut and remove the rocks. He Himself has shown this to us. Now the time has come to show the Path to others; how to do hard labour, not by sitting around, occupying His seat and issuing orders, but participating in all.

Babaji has started all types of social work - dispensaries, educational institutions, distribution of clothes and feeding the poor. He has given money to buy horses, cows, and has created jobs. He has not only done this work here, but is expanding all over India. There is a very big ashram in Vapi, in Gujarat, where Babaji has started a dairy and hospital for animals, schools, and other social activities. There are ashrams in Bihar, Rajasthan, Madhya, Pradesh, Assam, Madhuvan (Mathura), Brindavan, Patna, etc. Everywhere His social activities are going on.

Once Parvati asked Lord Shiva, her husband: "You have done good work for the people in all ages, but I am afraid for the people in the Kali Yuga; how will they safeguard themselves?" Then Lord Shiva told Parvati: "I will appear in the Kali Yuga and I will create a new state, a new center of religion - a most important place, where I will live and establish all the Gods there.

All the foreigners and visitors who have come over here are descendants of the great rishis and munis. We should learn from them; their sacrifice, their devotion, their duty-bound work, all these things we should copy - how they are performing their duties here, physically, mentally, and financially. In all these things, they are giving help.

Many of the foreigners who have come here were searchers for a great Sadguru (Supreme Guru). Many others had visions or dreams of Babaji in their own countries and then came here to answer his call. They have worked hard and have done a fine job. Babaji is not at all attracted or tempted by material things.

Whatever costly clothes the devotees bring to Him and He puts on, He takes them and distributes them to devotees. All that He does is for the betterment and benefit of all. We see this daily. So far as food is concerned, what He eats is negligible. He takes very simple rice, no cereal, and only a little fruit. But His feasts for us are from morning till night; He goes on feeding us like anything. Whatever comes to him. He never keeps anything in store. You can see that; and this is part of the reality of His divine quality. We are unable to understand Babaji's divine leelas. As human beings, we cannot understand Him. He has come to give to us, but we are not fit to receive. We have first to make ourselves fit to receive, then we can sit near Him and understand Him.

Since his appearance, He has started the most important things. First, the yagna (sacred fire ritual/ceremony) ; secondly, the recitation of Om Namaha Shivaya; thirdly, the Sanatan Dharma, which is the religion that came with the Creation of the Universe: He has re-established it and is teaching us how to follow it.

Fourthly, He is always giving clothes to the needy and medicines to the ill.

We see that God, in human form, from the beginning of time, from Creation to the Kali Yuga, appears in this universe for the benefit of mankind. This is not a new God; He is the Supreme God and it is His divine leela that He appears from time to time, as the times and conditions warrant. God has always given a new birth to all the creations and activities of the universe.

God now blesses every devotee on the auspicious occasion of Christmas. All your desires will be fulfilled and you should take to your heart all the prasad (blessed gifts from God) and garlands which He has given; and go on reciting Om Namaha Shivaya as much as you can.

God Himself says that action is the real duty. One who lives like an idle man is a dead man. He does not like such people. He says that one should be most dutybound; one should be active; he should work hard in his life and then he can get success. God says work is worship. This is the Karma Yuga (the Age of Work).

Only he who acts is considered to be alive; without action, one is like a dead Person. A person who does not do some kind of constructive work is like a dead person.

A new kingdom is coming very soon. When the new kingdom is established, only the person who does karma (i.e., works) will survive. While working, you should always recite the mantra you like; you should always recite the mantra.

The coming destruction is going to take place in such a manner that only the person who is doing some karma, some work, will survive it. One should not lose courage; one should always be enterprising, trying to do something more than what he is doing.

A person might argue that when destruction is going to take place, why should I work? Why should I do any karma? But that is not right. One should work to his last breath. Idleness should always be avoided.

Babaji likes human beings. Humanitarian work should be done by all of us.

Babaji wishes humans well. A person who follows this and who always keeps humanitarian rules in mind will be loved by everyone and shall survive all this destruction and shall remain happy. One should try to bring these humanitarian ideas to everybody who does not have them.

What does one mean by humanitarian rules and humanity? Babaji says one should not have any hatred towards anyone; one should try not to let down other people; one should try to help others; one should try to love all. In this new kingdom, everyone should be good. Babaji expects all this from you. And you should try to preach this to others - to those who are not here. Teach it to others; not only those around you, but in other countries, in the whole world - wherever you go, one should try to put it into practice.

Babaji thanks you all who have been so courageous as to come here and to do this work. He thanks you all for that.


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