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Karma Yoga

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25 March 1982
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25 March 1982

Herakhan Bhagwan and all devotees:

The Lord's Powers came here to change the world and by the satva guna they change everything. They don't need any other assistance. He doesn't give any special importance to this change being done by these Powers - it is like a game or play to Him. It is His natural, spontaneous function. It is just like an innocent child who collects many materials to play with and, for example, builds a toy house and then destroys it.

There are some children who don't like to play with toys but want to cling to their mothers - like Chiao (a small girl present at the meeting). They are always very anxious to be with their mothers. People who are like these children are called devotees (bhaktas); they choose to remain with God.

God comes to initiate us in Karma Yoga. Those who live in this world, which is a field of work, lose a great deal if they don't work, don't progress, remain idle. In every atom of this earth, Brahman is all-pervasive. Therefore, knowing this, if one tries to work day and night in this world, they find God easily.

Those who see the great God in the sun, moon, stars, earth, air, fire, and water, and always meditate on Him only, get success in life and are the true devotees.

The Lord has come to give us true knowledge, but to understand knowledge is beyond human capacity. The sins of thousands of years are destroyed when He has made us to do pranams to Him and when He gives His Holy Touch. He expects every human being to make this world beautiful.

Up to this time, many incarnations of the Lord have brought war and violence to bring peace to the world. He is now preparing your hearts for the coming revolution, so you can face it peacefully. He has faith in no particular army; each human being is a part of His army and He will face atomic bombs and cannons with the power of the Word of God. On one hand, certain countries are busy creating weapons and armaments; and on the other hand, Babaji is nullifying these by having people loudly repeat the Word of God, bringing spiritual change.

In the eyes of God, no one is big or small. In every heart, the Consciousness there is His Reflection. In a short time He is going to destroy the bad elements and then change the revolution into peace.
The moving of stones from one place to another (this refers to the work going on at the site of the speech) is for your concentration and spiritual growth. When the insentient stones which are lying here become moved, Babaji installs in them a new consciousness. The stones are not lying here without purpose; they are also doing penance. By touching these stones, we receive a vibration of Higher Consciousness. We don't see anything outwardly, but this contact changes our body, mind, and spirit.

Whatever He is teaching you here, you must do at home, also. Babaji doesn't teach the Kriya Yoga which makes a disciple to leave all action. Whatever He is teaching, He is teaching practically. He doesn't want men to become like stones, without any activity, becoming idle. There are 300,000 nerves in our bodies; to give energy and consciousness to these nerves is the Kriya Yoga that Babaji Teaches.

He is the Lord of the Universe. He enters into people's hearts and changes their thoughts. All changes taking place now are due to a simple motion of His finger. Wherever He goes, He puts new consciousness in people and brings spiritual change. Otherwise, He has no need to go from place to place.

His principle is service to humanity without expectation of reward. By distribution of this prasad (Babaji was Himself peeling fruit, while Shastriji talked, and having it distributed as blessed food), He teaches us to share with all equally, whatever we possess. Whatever is a part of the Lord's creation belongs to no particular person, but rather to all.

He is not preaching any new religion. He has come to preach the religion which occurred at the time of Creation, and that is the Santan Dharma - the Eternal Religion. He has come to preach the Sanatan Dharma only.
We can determine the date from which every religion started. For example, the Muslim religion was started by Mohammed 1400 years ago and this is recorded in their scriptures. Christianity started with the birth of Christ, 2000 years ago.

Before Christ and Mohammed existed, the world and its peoples were living. The Sanatan Dharma has been followed for thousands and millions of years and no one is able to trace the date it began. You may try to understand this spontaneous religion this way: The dharma (law or nature) of fire is to burn; the dharma of water is to be wet; the air has to blow. Can one tell on what day the fire started to burn, the water to be wet, and the air to blow? No one can say.

Sanatan Dharma is like a great ocean. From that ocean, each country has dug canals according to their needs and purposes. But canals cannot give total satisfaction as the ocean gives complete bliss. The Lord is showing a vision of the Sanatan Dharma, which is like the great ocean, and this is the greatest form of knowledge.

Until now, people only had knowledge of their own canals. Now the Lord is showing us that we aren't just bubbles in a canal, but rather bubbles in a great ocean. As long as we have individuality we are seen as bubbles; when we disappear, we are one with the ocean.

Placed before the sun in the sky, a thousand pitchers of water will reflect the sun. Then you will see that the sun in the sky is only one, but the reflections are many. As the sun reflects in all the pitchers, Babaji, sitting here, reflects in the entire Universe.

Through the instruments in radio stations, news is broadcast to the world. You are all like radio stations. Even if Babaji says something to ten people here, it is broadcast to millions. Each of you will tell ten people more, when you return to your country.

There are ten temples here at Herakhan. They are symbols. They show us that the body is a temple with ten senses, and we must install God in our hearts within this temple. This body is a moving temple of the Lord. He wants us to make this temple so beautiful that wherever it goes, people would like to worship, have great reverence for it, and try to gain knowledge from it.

He has come to the world to save it from destruction; otherwise, this world would have ended. And now all of you have come to His shelter.

This is not an ordinary meeting; it is a Karbar - a Royal Court. This parashu (pointing to a ceremonial weapon that looks like a battle axe) is the "danda" of destruction, and those who do not obey will be destroyed by this. Those who are obedient will be protected by this weapon. Those who do puja, worship, and obey orders of the Lord will receive only soft punishment . . . .

Hail to the Raj Danda of Herakhan Bhagwan! See, the conch has started blowing. (Another Shastri had begun to blow a conch.) It is a good omen. It means something correct or true. The sound of this conch has gone into the three worlds.

At this point Shri Babaji began to speak and Shastriji reiterated and amplified his comments:

Shri Babaji: I want to create brave people in this world.

Shastriji: I am just a humble servant of Babaji; whatever He asks me to to tell you, I will repeat.

Shri Babaji: I want to remove violence from the world.

Shastriji: Bhagwan wants to remove violence totally from the world. People have become like dogs and cats, killing each other. Now the time will come when the cow and the lion will drink water from the same well.

Shri Babaji: I will remove idleness.

Shastriji: Babaji says He wants to remove idleness completely and those who are eating without working cannot survive now.

Shri Babaji: There are certain elements that are destroying creation, but they will be destroyed. One half of the work is almost over.

Shastriji: After His appearance, He has finished one-half of His work.

Shri Babaji: At this moment My representatives are all over this world. At the correct moment they will do their work.

Shastriji: Babaji has never left here, but He has sent His representatives all over the world, and in other worlds, also His work is going on.

Shri Babaji: The great revolution is very near! There is no one in this world to stop it. This is a time of great destruction. Everyone must become spiritually strong and courageous. He alone can survive who has spiritual courage. Without spiritual courage, one is dead though he is living. The time is coming very soon. So that is why you people all must work. And be brave. Everyone must consider himself a humble servant of the world.

Shastriji: We must become egoless.

Shri Babaji: Further will be told in the next court.

Shastriji: Today the Darbar comes to an end and all the saints and rishis who have come here (in spirit bodies) to attend this Darbar are leaving.
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