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Re: Beacons of Light
« on: May 01, 2015, 07:24:15 AM »
Re: Beacons of Light

Dearest Baba,

I have prayed to God to help us be the Beacons of Light You seek. Please Baba how can we help them out of the darkness? Please show us the way to manage it while keeping our own Beacons in good working order. Ours work well most of the time. Still, I hope You/God have a good supply of Light Bulbs, and that all electrical circuits are well wired and insulated. Please forgive me if this is goofy. I guess it's late, but sincere. 

Your Jai Shri

Babaji Responds:

For Jai Shri

You understand well. You have done well. Your growth and progression is exactly what I mean by Beacon of Light. Your compassion, your capacity to accept change, your capacity to change, is a model to which others can look to. You see! Just by being yourself, your Light plows a path through the Darkness, and becomes a Beacon.


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