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Author Topic: The Basis of Babaji's Teachings  (Read 7792 times)


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The Basis of Babaji's Teachings
« on: April 04, 2015, 06:50:58 AM »
Babaji’s basic teachings are: Truth, Simplicity, Love and Service.

He recommended the mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” as a means of connection to the Divine, by repeating it constantly. The words are translated as “I surrender to the Divine” or “Lord, Thy Will Be Done.” This mantra holds the qualities of purification and protection.

Babaji also taught that all religions are based on the same teachings and to follow the religion that is in your heart.

It is Babaji's desire to get his message to as many human beings as possible, to give them the chance to purify themselves and live on the higher path, in order to save as many people as possible. He says all will have to walk through the fire. Those who are living on the higher path will come through it as a purification and build a new world on the other side of this fire: a world of cooperation, mutually beneficial activities and projects, a sort of golden age, where ego, disruption, and conflict are eliminated.

Babaji insists that we concentrate more on the message than the messenger. As fascinating and charismatic as the personality and physical body are to all of us, what Babaji requests of each of us is to be inspired to live on the higher path and let go of our differences, the selfish attitude of "my and mine," so that we could live in harmony, helping each other to reach our highest potentials. We have only to call his name to receive instant blessings whether he has a body or not. He is in our hearts, whether we see him or not, hear him or not.

We cannot be idle. We cannot be lazy. We cannot be without purpose. Our purpose is to serve, to elevate humanity, to enable humanity to be purified without destruction as the great fire approaches. The goal is to walk through the fire, be purified and survive to create a new world on the other side. With preparation, with the teachings, with Truth, Simplicity and Love, YOU will be able to jump into the great fire and come out the other side to a better life. This website is built from the hearts of Babaji's devotees. It is a place for all of us to get together in community, sharing our realizations and insights with each other, even though we may live far apart.

Millions of mini-ashrams can be created all over the world to serve the local people of each area. There are guidelines on how to make your home an Ashram (Email us for more information). There are only a few who can live in a large ashram. The many will need to stay close to family and work. This will eliminate the need to spend resources on travel or lose time from work. By de-centralizing the Ashram and making each HOME into an Ashram, the light is spread much more efficiently. We come together in Shri Babaji's name to practice the teachings and support each other on the higher path during this time of the Great Revolution.
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