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Karma Yoga

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29 July 1982
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29 July 1982

"Those who come here should not be lazy. You must be prepared to work. I want very much that everybody be brave, active and hard working. Never lose courage. Because you have taken this birth, you must seek achievement. And to be successful you must work hard. The world requires fortitude. Become courageous and lead others to courage.

"As you have known for some time, the world will change. The lazy person is a burden to the world. That is why I tell you to work hard and have others do the same. There was only one Christ but through Him many have been transformed.

"Do not think there will be many Christs, Ramas or Krishnas. Throughout history it has taken only one determined man to lead others and change the world. Times will change, so you must resolve in your hearts to be industrious and courageous. Those who are strong like iron are fit to flourish. To become strong does not mean to become harsh and heartless. To become strong means to grow beyond pleasure and pain: beyond heat and cold.

"The creation is vast and there are many doctrines. Adhere to one principle - that of Truth, Simplicity and Love. Live in Truth, Simplicity and Love and practise Karma Yoga.

"This, more than others, is an era (yuga) of great destruction. Man has become enslaved by his lower nature. I have come to guide humanity to a higher path. I do not belong to any particular religion, but respect all religions. I seek the elevation of all mankind. The higher self in people must be developed and enthrallment with the lower nature destroyed. It will be destroyed in countries all around the world by changing the hearts of mankind. Do you understand? Now that you understand, you must live in Truth, Simplicity and Love and take this message into the world.

"This ashram belongs to you. Learn the rules and follow the discipline while you are here. Then, wherever you go, teach others the same discipline. Become powerful and help others to do the same. Be very attentive and alert and prepare to face life in the times that will come."


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